Opposition to affirmative action Exploring the effects of crime and race

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Description: Affirmative action has not always been a popular program and often elicits criticisms that it promotes reverse discrimination. Most recently, affirmative action has received increasing opposition, especially as politicians speak out against the policy and propose initiatives to abolish affirmative action all together. Since affirmative action is traditionally a race-related program, this thesis explores how the conflict perspective on race relations can explain affirmative action opinions. Specifically, the racial threat hypothesis states that the growing size of minority populations can lead to the perception of threat and increased control against minorities. Drawing on previous research about the racial typification of crime, which suggests that criminals are often portrayed as being black, this thesis examines whether the size of black populations and the violent crime rate can impact affirmative action opinions. Crime, census, and survey data are analyzed using logit regression to determine the relationship between these predictors and affirmative action opposition.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work