A neoliberal analysis of the United States relations with Iran and Sudan

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Description: This paper seeks to apply neoliberal thinking to current security related issues for the United States. To the argument that a softer approach to high politics is impractical and ineffective, the cases of U.S. relations to Iran and to Sudan provide examples how in today's globalized world where military threat and action are less practical, multifaceted policies using soft power, international organizations, and a focus on engaging all actors across an entire spectrum of issues can reach long-lasting and potent solutions with less cost to all parties. Iran is widely viewed by the United States as one of its biggest adversaries and Sudan is likewise a country of which the U.S. has had security problems with in the past. But despite the level of animosity and high suspicions on both sides, working with domestic actors and economic engagement executed multilaterally will allow these countries to arrive at satisfactory solutions.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work