Diversity retention through micropractices

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Description: The ethnic and racial diversity of students attending institutions of higher education in the United States is growing more and more each year. With this increased diversity within the student body, questions of how to retain students of color are of the utmost importance. This research evaluates how campus climate, microaggressions, micropractices and racial identity affect the academic success of students of color attending a predominately white institution of higher education. Through surveying students of color (n=439) attending Villanova University this research first attempts to find a link between how the cultural identity of a student of color will affect a student's perception of encountering microaggressions. Next, this research evaluates how encounters with microaggressions lead to the engagement of micropractices to help inoculate against the negative impact of microaggressions. Finally, this research examines how micropractices ultimately affect academic performance.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work