Social class differences in shared book reading experiences

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Description: The objective of this study was to assess the shared book reading environments, both in quantity and quality, of different preschool types. We included 30 preschools as our subjects, 10 nursery schools, 10 high SES daycare centers, and 10 low SES daycare centers. The number of book reading sessions were noted, as were the number and types of extratextual utterances, in two mornings of observation. Utterances were coded into three categories; nonstory related, story specific, and story extension. Additionally, teacher and classroom characteristics were noted. High SES daycare teachers read slightly more often than low SES daycare teachers. High SES daycare teachers produced more extratextual utterances during book reading sessions than teachers in other preschools, although the quality of conversation during book reading sessions, regardless of preschool, type was equivalent. However nursery school teachers' conversation was higher quality in all other settings (e.g., mealtimes) than high or low SES daycare teachers.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work