Forgiveness in the polis Seeking reconciliation in post-apartheid South Africa. Assessing a theology and idiom of forgiveness as a foundation for conflict resolution and national reconciliation

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Description: South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was a secular agency that came to be characterized by a theological narrative of forgiveness. Personal forgiveness and interpersonal reconciliation emerged as a theme in the testimony of thousands of victims of human rights abuses associated with the enforcement of apartheid. Indeed, both forgiveness and reconciliation itself came to be articulated in a theological framework and idiom, presenting significant issues for those who viewed reconciliation in terms of justice and restitution. This project will advance the thesis that far from being a weak or anemic response to violence, or a rejection of justice and restitution, forgiveness is a dynamic medium for a final reconciliation that includes justice. Accordingly, future truth commissions would do well to consider the incorporation of a narrative of forgiveness into their overall strategy as both a moral imperative and a medium for social and political reconciliation.
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Format: Degree Work