Populism An unacknowledged aid to democratization in Latin America

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Description: The current populist movements sweeping across Latin America, which have led to the recent election of several leftist presidents in the region, have been garnering increased international scrutiny and concern. Many fear the potentially destabilizing political and economic effects that populism can reap on the nascent and struggling democracies in Central and South America. While populism has been implicated rightfully with such unfortunate consequences at times in the past, the current apprehensive outlook with which many largely view this political phenomenon may prove to be inaccurate and undeserved. In fact, many of the advancements made in democratization of Latin America during the 20 th century can be attributed to this region's populist movements and populist leaders. Therefore, the populist movements currently pervading Latin America can also demonstrate themselves to be aids, rather than obstructions, to further democratization and democracy improvement in this region.
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Format: Degree Work