The effects of immediate and delayed feedback following correct or incorrect responses on the long term retention of paired associate learning

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Description: The current research investigated the effect of feedback on the retention of paired associate vocabulary items after a delay that would be long enough to be relevant to the retention of comparable material in the real world. Participants learned twenty-six Swahili-English paired associates. Following three training trials, participants were given a recall test in which each Swahili word was presented, and participants typed the corresponding English word. One group of participants received feedback that was presented immediately following their initial responses and another group received feedback after a delay period. The final group did not receive any feedback. Then participants returned and took a second recall test after two days had passed. Results indicated that there was no significant interaction between feedback condition and the correctness of initial test responses. However, subsequent analysis indicated that when participants received immediate feedback following correct responses, recall was better than it was without feedback. Additionally, when participants received either immediate or delayed feedback following incorrect responses, they had a higher percentage correct on the final recall test than the no feedback group.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work