Computer power consumption benchmarking for Green Computing

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Description: As population has increased, energy use has also increased. The widespread use of technology, particularly computers, means that computer power consumption is becoming a more important topic as the cost of energy rises and pollution, together with its side-effects, is recognized as an urgent challenge. Within computer science, benchmarks that measure various aspects of performance are common and widely used in the literature, yet benchmarking in order to measure power consumption of computers has not received the same attention. In this thesis, techniques for accurately measuring the impact of techniques that can be used to reduce the power consumption of computers are explored. Pertinent background information is presented to put power benchmarking within the proper context of Green Computing, and common techniques for reducing power use are surveyed. Power benchmarking tools and techniques are introduced; a number of new benchmarks are presented and evaluated. An analysis of these techniques and their impact is provided, demonstrating the importance of benchmarking as a key metric in the area of Green Computing.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work