Mental Health Courts---do certain factors influence the decision outcome of acceptance or rejection?

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Description: Because of the disproportionate representation of mentally ill individuals involved in the criminal justice system, the question of importance becomes how to handle these individuals in the system. The development of Mental Health Courts (MHCs) has become one possible answer. Prior research has been mixed with regards to the effectiveness of Mental Health Courts and whether or not certain factors influence whether or not an individual will be accepted into a Mental Health Court. This research examines the question of whether or not certain individuals are more likely to be accepted in to MHCs after referral by analyzing the incoming data of seven pre-existing MHCs funded by the initial 2002 Bureau of Justice Assistance program. While many demographic and crime characteristic variables seem to not have an effect on decision outcome, serious mental health status and gender do have an effect, even while controlling for other variables.
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Format: Degree Work