A test for the configural nature of episodic-like memory

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Description: Episodic memory is the joint representation of what, where, and when an event occurred. Tulving (1983) has proposed that episodic memory also requires a sense of familiarity or autonoetic consciousness. This requirement is problematic for researching episodic memory in animals and a new criterion has been proposed for the study of episodic memory in animals that only looks at the what, where, and when components. The current study tests the structure of episodic memory under this proposed new criterion using a radial arm maze. Rats encountered a preferred food and an aversive food on randomly determined maze arms and were required to remember what food reoccurred on a certain arm at a certain time. A cuing manipulation was used to determine whether the structure of the episodic memory used in this task was configural. Overall, no evidence for the presence of a configural episodic-like memory was found. The implications of these results are discussed.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work