Stigmatization of HIV positive individuals

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Description: Stigmatization plays a key role in the world-wide epidemic of HIV. The study's purpose was to assess how much young adults stigmatize people with HIV. Consistent with Weiner's (1993) theory of perceived responsibility, we hypothesized that those people who are perceived to be more responsible would have more stigma placed on them than those who are perceived as being less responsible for their contraction of HIV. Secondly, we hypothesized that HIV positive women will be stigmatized more than HIV positive men because of the sexual double standard. Third, we hypothesized that participants who were the same gender as the target will stigmatize HIV positive patients either more, self-image protection , or less, sub-group protection . Three dimensions of stigma were measured; attribution variables, emotional reactions and behavioral intentions. Results indicated support for Weiner's theory but failed to indicate a relationship between stigma and the sexual double standard or the self-image/sub-group protection hypothesis.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work