The untied state United States policy, Puerto Rican independence, and the independence movement

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Description: With a sense of what colonial and imperial history suggests, the purpose of this exercise will be to analyze the United States' social and economic policy since 1898 towards Puerto Rico and its debilitating, and intentional, effects both on Puerto Rico's ability to function independently as a sovereign state and on the sustainability of the island's independence movement itself. Only through such analysis can one come to understand the ramifications of United States action for the island's ultimate political status. Evidence has shown that from the very beginning of the United States' relationship with Puerto Rico, the United States has abused its power over the island to such a great extent that its capacity for independence decreased all the more with each passing decade. The conclusion of these findings suggests a serious attempt to reevaluate the United States' relationship with Puerto Rico and to resolve the island's indeterminate political status.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work