Re-imagining ethics: re-imagining salvation Josef Fuchs, fundamental option, and the soteriological implications thereof

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Description: This thesis examines the ethical paradigm that the majority of Christian traditions has employed and tests its validity against the insights of Josef Fuchs and Karl Rahner. Finding the notion of correct action begetting salvation (or some kind of reward) to be an inaccurate and inadequate way to organize ethical life, the work then considers an alternative to the traditional schema. The alternative centers on Fuchs's notion of "fundamental option" as a way in which one can circumvent the trap of apposing correct action and salvation. Fundamental option, an admittedly esoteric notion, is a pre-active, pre-conscious ordering of self, either for or against the divine. Via fundamental option theory and a re-examination of traditional ethics viz. scripture, tradition, and contemporary Catholic religious trends, this thesis presents eventual universal salvation as a viable and desirable soteriological option for the Christian.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work