Partne(RED) activism (PRODUCT)RED and the enactment of cooperative social responsibility

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Description: (PRODUCT) RED, an initiative that brings together consumers, corporations, and the Global Fund in an attempt to fight AIDS in Africa, represents a unique model of social responsibility on the organizational and individual levels. In this qualitative case study, I seek to examine two (PRODUCT) RED discourses - that of the official website and of student volunteers - to explore how this model constructs social responsibility and the roles of its participants. I also examine how the initiative compares to a model of social responsibility grounded in dialogue and morality. Ultimately, I conclude that the initiative falls short of the ideals of this theoretical model, particularly in terms of constructing interdependent and dialogic relationships between different sets of actors. Further, I demonstrate that (RED) pacifies its organizational and individual participants by refocusing their attention on self-motivated interests through an apparently legitimate attempt to engage them in a project of social responsibility. Keywords: corporate social responsibility, consumer activism, accountability, morality, dialogue, (PRODUCT) RED.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work