Enriching uses and gratifications theory A case study of NFL news

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Description: While extensive research has been done to analyze audience behavior and effects of technology, most studies have neglected to consider the importance of structural factors, such as content and media attributes, as elements contributing to the active selection and gratification process of mediated exposure. This study offers a novel exploration of individuals' usage patterns of these structural elements to balance the plethora of uses and gratifications work conducted on the psychological factors governing media use. Moreover, this research humbly suggests a new term, Information Richness, for employment by scholars when evaluating and comparing various mediums. Data from 229 Villanova University undergraduate and graduate students demonstrated that people are more comfortable with TV than they are with the Internet, that Information Richness is key to understanding the way that individuals use media, and lastly, that contextual specificity is critical to understanding why audiences have preferences for certain mediums over others.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work