Evaluating early functional success of reclaiming decommissioned oil wellsites constructed in peatlands in Alberta, Canada through carbon dioxide flux measurements

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Description: Peatlands are increasingly important in global climate change by sequestering C and reducing gaseous C in the atmosphere, however many peatlands of Alberta, Canada suffer from disturbance from drilling and exploration activities of the oil industry. In accordance with Albertan "Equivalent Capabilities" legislation, peatlands disturbed by the construction of oil wellsites must be restored to their natural state. As part of an experimental wellsite reclamation project, I measured CO 2 fluxes to evaluate the early success of restoring the C sequestering function by comparing NEP each year across combinations of fertilization, water level, texture, amendment, and planting treatments. While multiple interactions between factors occur, the results show that planting is effective in increasing NEP, NEP is slightly lower in 2009 than in 2008 (likely due to drier conditions in 2009), and cultivated plots tend to have lower NEP than not cultivated plots (presumably from increased decomposition in cultivated plots).
Language: English
Format: Degree Work