Naim Ateek The methodology of liberation

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Description: This thesis analyzes the theology of Naim Ateek. It consists of four chapters. Chapter one summarizes Ateek's theology as it is seen through the following themes: his understanding of and use of the Bible; his understanding of the concept of God; the development of a theology of the land of Palestine; how justice is to be understood biblically and theologically; and a Christian assessment of violence and nonviolence. Chapter two summarizes German political theology in general, as well as the work of Johann Baptist Metz in particular; and Latin American liberation theology in general, as well as the work of Gustavo Gutiérrez in particular. Chapter three analyzes Ateek and his theological methodology by the standards developed in chapter two. Chapter four provides a constructive critique by looking at Ateek's proposed ecclesiology.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work