Which Catholic voters are "good" Catholics? A foundational comparison of voters' issue position and prioritization with Catholic social justice teaching

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Description: This study seeks to identify which Catholic voters are "good" Catholics according to Catholic Social Justice Teaching. Although Catholics constitute the largest single denomination voting bloc in American politics, they are often overlooked as a subject for individual, in-depth analysis. Instead, they are included in general assessments that utilize multivariate analyses, which are not necessarily appropriate for a rigorous examination of Catholic voters, specifically. This study conducts a series of bivariate analyses using four main variables thought to reliably predict voter behavior. Those findings are compared to official Church teachings in search of a truly "Catholic" subsection of Catholic voters. It was found that Catholics do not fit the traditional models for analysis, thus validating the foundational structure of this study. It was also established that, using this model, there are no "good" Catholics, though some demographics are certainly "better" than others, and the "best" within this study were Latinos.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work