"End Diskrination" An Autoethnography of A White, Male, Straight Do-Gooder

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Description: This paper examines the intersections of white, male and heterosexual identity through individual performances. Specifically, it will investigate how these identities are communicated through embodied performance on a predominately white institution (PWI). Using autoethnography, the paper itself functions as a critique and memoir of white, male, heterosexualness. Given the varied and rich text on critical race, queer and feminist studies, this paper is in conversation with these texts by applying them to a specific space. As a work that explores aspects of identity politics, the text functions as both product and method. Further, it offers a model of performance for those that are engaged in social justice work while also balancing notions of privilege. Additionally, the short film component addresses the influence film has had on my personal identity development while also visually performing the tension between social constructions of identity and personal choices. Lastly, the paper concludes with a theoretical contribution to privileged bodies working within the broad discipline of social justice.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work