Who is sexier, a comedian or a sugar daddy? Ovulatory cycle effects on the attractiveness of humor

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Description: Theorists have suggested that humor production ability may be sexually attractive to women because it reveals information about men's genetic quality. If so, it should be especially attractive to fertile women looking for a sexual relationship, as the fertile window is the only time in which women can become pregnant and pass genetic quality on to offspring. We tested this theory by asking low- and high-fertility women to make forced-choice decisions about their preferred short- and long-term relationship partners: between a witty man with few financial resources and an un-humorous wealthy man. Results showed that across fertility, wealthy men were desired for a long-term relationship, and witty men were relatively more desirable for a short-term relationship. However, fertility was not found to impact either short- or long-term partner choices. The results provide some support for the theory that humor ability may be related to underlying genetic fitness, but further research is necessary to further explore this possibility.
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