The regulation of the Pho4 transcription factor in the phosphate signal transduction pathway in Candida glabrata

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Description: The Phosphate Signal Transduction Pathway (PHO Pathway) is conserved between yeast species; however pathway regulation varies based on specific niches. The PHO pathway maintains phosphate homeostasis by sensing phosphate levels in the cell and initiating the transcription of phosphate starvation genes in response to low extracellular phosphate conditions. The regulation of the PHO pathway is well studied in Saccharomyces cerevisiae ; however, the same details have not been elucidated for Candida glabrata . I examined the regulation of the PHO pathway in C. glabrata with an emphasis on the transcription factor Pho4. I hypothesized the regulation of Pho4 in C. glabrata was similar to S. cerevisiae : regulation of Pho4 through protein phosphorylation by a cyclin/cyclin-dependent kinase complex. To evaluate this hypothesis, I mutated the phosphorylation sites within CgPHO4 and determined the impact of these mutations by examining phosphatase activity, and the protein stability and localization of Pho4. In this study, we found evidence that supported the hypothesis that Cg Pho4 was regulated though protein phosphorylation.
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Format: Degree Work