Creativity Training The Impact of Self-Generated Feedback and Exercise Domain

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Description: While many studies have examined creativity in the context of creative experts, relatively few have studied garden variety creativity. Garden variety creativity, or creative problem solving that can be exhibited by any employee at any level, is important to study, as recent trends have resulted in an increased demand for creativity in the workplace. The current study aimed to fill in gaps in the creativity literature by attempting to shed light on the much debated issue of domain specificity versus domain generality. It also examined the relationship between creativity and the detail contained in self-generated feedback (i.e., how specific the feedback is). Undergraduate participants underwent a creativity training module and, subsequently, completed two conceptual combination tasks. Results indicated that the domain of training exercises was related to creativity of responses. A significant interaction between domain and feedback was also found. Practical and theoretical implications are discussed.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work