It isn't easy being me(diated) Media Bias, Martha Coakley, and the Massachusetts 2010 Special U.S. Senate Race

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Description: This study assesses media bias in news coverage of the 2010 Massachusetts Special Election to replace Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Three hundred seventy-three news items from thirteen news outlets representing print, radio, and television were analyzed for the prevalence of bias in the aggregate and across seven political personality characteristics using content analysis techniques adopted from Hofstetter (1976). While assessments of candidate Coakley were found to be neutral, assessments of the coverage across platforms and throughout the life of the campaign at times illuminate a pattern of bias whereby negativity remained constant while neutrality rose and favorability fell. In the context of the Coakley campaign, therefore, one reasonable interpretation of the findings is that journalists espoused objective principles of reporting only after their own prejudices and opinions were rejected at the polls.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work