Performance analysis of airborne networks using colored petri nets

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Description: The challenges of modeling and performing analysis on mobile ad-hoc networks, specifically airborne networks, are many and varied. Much has been written about the use of commercial modeling tools, such as OPNET and QualNet, to conduct performance analysis on mobile ad-hoc networks. However, such tools are limiting in that they force the user to choose from unverified black box components, and they do not permit purely functional simulations or state space analysis. As the U.S. Government continues toward its goal of creating an overall Airborne Network to facilitate the sharing of data between mobile airborne nodes, it is imperative that the validity of available performance analysis tools for airborne network modeling be assessed. This research presents Colored Petri Nets as a viable alternative for modeling packet routing in an ad-hoc airborne network. It also demonstrates how to obtain data from such a model and use it for performance analysis.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work