That's Right! Examining the Influence of Self-Regulation, Engagement, and Responsiveness on Preschoolers' Ability to Learn New Words from Stories

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Description: This study investigated the effect of engaging and responsive reading styles on vocabulary learning in children with varied levels of self-regulation skills. I hypothesized first that, overall, children would demonstrate the greatest learning gains in the most engaging reading conditions, and second that 4- and 5-year olds ( N =60) with weak self-regulation skills would be more sensitive to the benefits of more engaging reading styles, as compared to their peers with stronger self-regulation skills. Results supported the second, but not the first hypothesis. Regression analyses predicting scores on a comprehension test and a definition test confirmed a significant interaction and a marginally significant interaction, respectively, between children's self-regulation skill level and reading condition. The effect of the more engaging reading conditions was greatest for children with weaker self-regulation skills.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work