Exploring the benefits of motionese

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Description: Infants learn a great deal from watching social interactions. Motionese, a set of action modifications adults often make when interacting with infants, includes high levels of enthusiasm and repetitiveness among many others. In addition to enhancing overall infant attention, motionese may signal to infants that there may be something to learn, helping infants understand actions better. Sixteen infants were presented with a set of toy demonstrations presented in either infant-directed (ID) or in an adult-directed (AD) action, with each set being shown twice. Levels of imitation were measured using number of touches and activations for each toy. I hypothesized that the levels of imitation would be higher for ID demonstrations. Results indicated that there were no significant differences overall in performance between ID and AD demonstrations, however, there was some evidence to suggest that ID action helped to improve performance on some measures from the first presentation to the second.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work