Painting it black BET & everyday blackness

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Description: This study bridges the concept of everyday life from a cultural studies perspective with research and discourse on race and black life in America. I argue that an investigation of individuals' perceptions of and interactions with media can inform an understanding of the everyday experience of particular cultural and ethnic groups. Conducting an audience ethnography, I examine the concept of "everyday blackness" by looking at black Americans' relationship with media, specifically, the cable television channel Black Entertainment Television (BET). I determine that BET, and by extension black culture, exists within two contradictory dimensions: representation and affirmation of black identity in media are important to black Americans; however, black Americans face the threat of commoditization of black culture in media. I also discuss the opportunity within the field of cultural studies to expand its discourse on everyday life to include a critical analysis of race and ethnicity.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work