The Impact of Interval Time on Delaying Gratification

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Description: While much research exists describing rates and forms of delay discounting, little is known about the mechanisms underlying delay discounting. This study examines how interval time perception, in the seconds to minutes range, relates to delay discounting. Participants initially completed a delay discounting task to assess baseline rates of discounting. They then completed an interval timing task, in which they were instructed to respond after a certain duration had elapsed. Participants received feedback, either accurate or inaccurate, that reflected time moving slower, faster, or appropriately. After the timing task, participants completed another discounting task. Participants' discounting rates did not change as a function of the temporal manipulation, but varied as a function of amount of money being considered. This study provides a useful tool for manipulating interval time perception. More research is required to obtain a better understanding of the relationship between interval timing and temporal discounting.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work