Flexile Middleware A Proposed New Class of Adaptive Middleware and its Utility for Time-Critical Applications

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Description: Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) can enable better performance through more effective collaboration among participants working together to accomplish a mission. The proliferation of net-based applications, and the expectation of collaboration among participants with highly divergent processing and networking capabilities create a technical gap for those intending to use MANETs for improved joint operations. Specifically, this technical gap is ensuring that the best net-based applications are loaded on each participant's network device. Advanced middleware functionality offers the potential to address this technical gap. Research will be presented showing that attempts to address this gap led to the definition of a new class of adaptive middleware, called Flexile Middleware. Flexile Middleware uses domain knowledge, network constraints, and processing limitations to dynamically adjust the set of net-based applications running participants' network devices. Utility is measured by estimating expected operational performance improvements enabled by Flexile Middleware. A performance comparison of Flexile Middleware versus other forms of communication during collaborative operations will be shown. A significant result is that Flexile Middleware offers the potential to improve performance, but the additional processing overhead is justified when mission success depends on meeting challenging time constraints and avoiding significant mission-ending events.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work