For want of wonder Convergence of natural science and theological science in Thomas Torrance

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Description: Natural science and Christian theology have had a contentious relationship over the past centuries, but it has reached a new level in the last two. However, one thesis of Thomas Torrance's is that natural science could not have achieved it's great advance without distinctively Christian concepts. Moreover, Einsteinian physics have set the stage in an unprecedented way for substantive conversation and convergence with Christian theology, having overcome difficulties brought on by a Newtonian worldview. The nature of the convergences Torrance acclaims is such that Christian theologians can begin not only engaging with natural science in a hitherto unseen depth, but also may bring Christian theology 'back to the table' as a viable and intellectual science among the sciences. What is at risk in this encounter is whether the West will be able to speak truthfully about the nature of the world, man's place in it, and man's relation to God.
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Format: Degree Work