Stretch A framework to transition to text-based coding after graphical learning tools

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Description: Visual programming languages are useful and effective tools when it comes to teaching and learning how to program. However, these languages create capable programmers isolated by the limited power and lack of professional acceptance of these learning tools. Due to their graphical and often syntax-free nature they make the next step of learning a textual language more difficult. Rather than do away with graphical languages, it would be far better to provide these capable programmers with a bridge or a proverbial Rosetta Stone to guide them into a textual language. In the following pages, I present my attempts at creating such a bridge by connecting the popular visual language Scratch with the rising textual language Javascript. This will be done with a series of transitional steps, removing the isolating elements of visual programming languages while maintaining all the non-functional properties of the highly successful Scratch language and its associated development environment.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work